Monday, May 14, 2012


tragedy has befallen our household.  shortly after midnight friday morning our youngest dog passed away. he died of complications from internal injuries suffered from a freak accident in our back yard.  he had run into a piece of fencing & punctured a lung.  thursday evening we rushed him to the vet, but a short 6 hours later he was gone.

i have gone back & forth a thousand times wondering if i should post this sad news. i hope writing about it and letting people know how important he was to us will help with the healing.

his name was hudson, but had many nicknames that we affectionately directed in his direction. he came to us in january 2008 as a sub-three pound puppy. we had not planned on getting a 2nd dog but the situation arose & we took it.  the best decision we ever made.  we were told he was a dachshund & yorkie mix, but i guess we never really knew for sure.

both hudson & his older sister (our yellow lab shilo) were the center of our universe, together the four us made up our family.  nearly everything we do revolves around the dogs.  every day we discuss our schedules to ensure that they overlap and that they are always taken care of. they are there when you wake up in the morning, jumping out of their skin for breakfast, and there at night when the lights go out to end our day.

hudson was the loud one.  he was the one with the never ending storehouse of energy. he was always running, rarely walking.  he had a happy bark that he couldn't control.  he had the small dog syndrome for sure, thought he was bigger than he really was. shilo had amazing patience & tolerance for his energy, calmly putting up with his antics & endless torments.  

the silence at our house now is deafening, the energy he brought is noticeably gone.  everything i do has a dull pallor to it.  i know time has a way of healing sadness & i know somehow it will get easier to deal with but for now it really hurts. trying to make sense of something that doesn't make sense.  he left us way too soon. the three us will carry on.

i can't believe he's gone & i so wish we could have him back.  we were so lucky to have had him in our lives.
written by; Troy Krause

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Whitney said...

Holly and Troy,

I haven't checked the website for a while, so I just now read this post. I knew about Hudson and was so sad to hear it. This post brought me to tears... I will always remember his constant licking :) He was a sweet boy.
Love you guys!